Saturday, 21 December 2013

Anybody believe in signs ....

Www. The adventures of Gryff.  Anybody believe in signs from those that are at rainbow bridge! I mean really believe? Yesterday the GB magazine arrived and her indoors actually managed to tear it open and sit down with it....... Till the troll started up! After a couple of hours she put it back in its envelope unread and gave up. Now as I said, she's not been sleeping that well, so about 4am this morning she came downstairs to make a cuppa and a have a few biscuits with us. Ever since we can remember she always starts and ends her birthday with us. On the table were a couple of unopened Xmas cards and the white envelope. Having nothing better to do she opened the cards to find  that one has what looks like a berner pup on. It's like a cartoon of  eight animals looking over a gate to the snow, and it's from a couple who are older and have never seen a berner let alone met one. Anyway with the second cuppa she went back to bed taking the magazine with her.  Imagine how she felt when going through the photos, there sits Merlin, not once but twice . Two separate pictures with his nibs in, with that big berner smile all over his chops.  Now I know for a fact that she really wanted him here for Christmas! and with all that's gone on, her birthday was all but forgotten..... So why did he turn up on her day, basically three times. Once is a happenstance, twice a coincidence and three times.... ? All those letters arrived a week to the day and roughly the time he went, but by design or fate were left till today, her day.  Then add to that there was a card hidden in the big envelope with a berner on which she also found this morning (thanku.... You know who you are) and today is full of Bernese. So the question is..... DO YOU BELIEVE? If love is as strong as we like to think it is, can it still keep us connected to those we love and have lost?  And if we look and are open minded can they let us know that they are safe and happy. Cool runnings Gryff

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